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Texas Civil Litigation Attorneys

No one enjoys the prospect of dealing with legal proceedings. Arguments, investigations, negotiations, and fees can drain your energy and your bank account. Unfortunately, many individuals enter into civil litigations only to lose their case, or receive a less-than-satisfactory resolution. After so much time, energy, money, and investment, coping with yet another loss can be unfathomable. Which is why hiring a civil litigation attorney is the first step to standing up for yourself in civil court.

A Texas civil litigation lawyer can craft a winning legal strategy, refine your
arguments, highlight points that directly correspond to Texas regulations and
precedents, and aggressively fight your case in and out of court.

Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC, is here to help you get the justice you deserve. We’ve helped countless Texas residents defend their position, advocate for their case, negotiate settlements, and litigate with a true passion for getting the results our clients deserve.

Read on to learn more about civil litigation, types of cases, and the benefits of hiring a civil litigation attorney from Texas, or call or message us today for a free initial consultation. We’re standing by and ready to learn how we can help.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation in Texas involves those cases that do not involve criminal offenses. Civil cases and lawsuits can cover disputes such as arguments between shareholders, unauthorized sharing of trade secrets, interference with a business’s interests, fraud, breach of contract, and more. Although these cases can come up between individuals, a company or corporation is often at least one party in a civil litigation case.

If you find yourself on the filing or receiving side of such disputes, don’t hesitate to reach out to get the help you need to win. Put our talented civil litigators in your corner and rest easy knowing you have a firm with a proven track record of success fighting on your behalf.

If civil litigation doesn’t involve criminal charges, why should I hire a lawyer?

The results of a civil litigation case, while not criminal, can be devastating. If you are seeking compensation, you may spend hours of time and energy only to receive less than you hoped for—or nothing at all. If you are deemed to be at fault, even if you believe you are innocent, you could be required to pay substantial fines and life-changing compensation.

When entering a civil litigation case in Texas, it’s crucial to have the right lawyer on your side. With a strong legal team, you can present your case with confidence. Your legal team will fight for your rights and do everything they can to position your case to win.

If you’re looking for compensation, an attorney can help you negotiate a higher amount than you might otherwise receive; if you’re avoiding fines and penalties, an attorney can assist in lowering or removing penalties you don’t deserve to have imposed.

Below, we’ve outlined the main types of civil litigation cases you may encounter.


Types of Civil Disputes

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

“Commercial litigation” simply refers to types of civil litigation involving businesses. These cases can become extremely complex and last for long periods of time—sometimes years. They can result in large-scale lawsuits, countersuits, and more. It’s important to hire an experienced civil litigation attorney for commercial cases in order to avoid wasting time and money on an unsatisfactory verdict.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes and Dissolutions

Shareholder and Partnership
Disputes and Dissolutions

These types of civil litigation occur between partners and shareholders. They can happen when shareholders and partners feel they are being excluded from business dealings, denied profits, or otherwise discriminated against. A civil litigation lawyer in Austin Texas can help you navigate local, state, and federal regulations surrounding partnership and shareholder disputes in order to build a strong case.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A “fiduciary” relationship simply describes trust between two people. This can be trust between two businesspeople, between an attorney and their client, or another type of trusting relationship. A breach of fiduciary duty case involves a lawsuit where the plaintiff (the individual bringing the lawsuit) feels the defendant did not honor the trust of their relationship. A civil litigation lawyer works to bring to light the facts of the situation and advocate for their client.

Business Torts

Business Torts

Cases involving business torts cover wrongs inflicted on a business. This can include misrepresentation, defamation, information theft, and more. A business tort suit can be filed even if the business did not intend to inflict harm (these are known as “negligent torts”). These suits can deal with past and present harm to a business, as well as future expectations of harm.

Civil RICO

Civil RICO

“RICO” stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. Civil litigation involving racketeering examines individuals’ business dealings to determine whether these dealings were fraudulent or misleading. These cases are difficult because they deal with multiple offenses at once; at least two must be brought forward during a civil RICO case. A civil litigation attorney can help sort through the nuances of racketeering and corruption claims to help you advocate for your side of the story.

Trade Secrets Disputes Duty

Trade Secrets Disputes Duty

In a dispute over trade secrets, a company could assert that customers, current and former employees, or other entities shared secret company information. The result of a trade secret case depends on several complex factors, including whether or not the information disclosed could be considered a legally-protected trade secret. Talk to an experienced civil litigation lawyer if you’re facing a trade secret case.

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract cases involve situationswhere one individual claims another individual did not follow through on specific duties in a legal contract. However, to win a breach of contract case, the individual or entity who is initiating the lawsuit (the plaintiff) must prove the contract was definitively breached by the other individual or entity (the defendant). The plaintiff also must prove they (the plaintiff) personally upheld their side of the contract in question. To have the best chances of winning a breach of contract case, you need a dedicated Texas civil litigation attorney who will stand up for your side of the story.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Fraud and Misrepresentation

If you’re a victim of fraud or misrepresentation, you deserve justice. A fraud and misrepresentation lawsuit can hold those responsible for the fraud accountable to the law. With a Texas civil litigation lawyer, you can negotiate toward the compensation you deserve.

Do You Need a Civil Litigation Attorney?

You may wonder whether you can take on your civil litigation case without help from a civil litigation attorney. Though the case may seem simple on the outside, these cases can be extremely nuanced. It’s important to hire a lawyer who can aggressively represent your rights in these situations.

Meet Our Civil Litigation Atttorneys

Benefits of Hiring a Civil Litigation Attorney:

Accurate and Confident Representation

You may be in the right—but will the judge side with you? In a civil litigation case, it’s important to present your arguments persuasively, confidently, and factually. An experienced Texas civil litigation attorney will help you highlight the important parts of your case. They’ll prepare you for each step of the proceedings, clarify your arguments in light of current regulations, and push for the best possible verdict.

Time and Energy Saved

You may be in the right—but will the judge side with you? In a civil litigation case, it’s important to present your arguments persuasively, confidently, and factually. An experienced Texas civil litigation attorney will help you highlight the important parts of your case. They’ll prepare you for each step of the proceedings, clarify your arguments in light of current regulations, and push for the best possible verdict.

Financial Gain

With a civil litigation lawyer, you can push for the full compensation you deserve. Many individuals are offered a settlement significantly lower than the amount they could win in a successful case. By hiring an attorney with experience in civil litigation, you team up with an expert who understands your situation and will fight for your rights.

Individualized Service
and Care

You deserve to be treated like more than just another number on a case docket. We know how difficult this time can be for you and your family. Let our caring and compassionate civil attorneys act as an extended support system, taking some of the weight off of your shoulders.

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